Thursday, August 13, 2009

Spaz and the Bitty (aka Aurora)

Following the recent discussion of who had another cat named Spaz in the Cleveland team forum on Etsy, I have decided that it would be fitting to post a picture of our two little angels. Although, given time alone such as going on a two week vacation, perhaps devils would be the better word.

Granted it has taken me about 30 minutes to find the "perfect" photos of our babies. Little Miss is the black kitty more often called Bitty. Spaz is the "Friskies" cat, at least he reminds me of the Friskies cat. He was named by DH as a small kitten when he almost died. He had a horrible middle ear infection and couldn't do anything but turn in circles. We acquired Bitty when DH was released from the hospital and was rather down. He needed a companion and she was the perfect fit.

If you were to come visit, Spaz would make you think that no one ever pets him and Bitty is certainly a daddy's girl. Sometimes she won't even come out for me, so don't be offended.

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