Monday, August 24, 2009

Embellished Notepads

I thought today would be a great time to talk about embellishing notepads. Really the process is quite simple to create a unique look for a great gift or favor. I prefer to use white note pads for the simple reason that any color looks lovely on white. This particular pad had opera pink, black, and lilac used as the ink colors for the front page.

The example photo is one I created for a challenge for a stamping club that I have recently started participating in. The goal was to create a unique stamped pad that could still be used for writing notes.

Each page was individually handstamped with a variety of stamps I have from a clear stamp collection by Fancy Pants. I generally find these stamps at Archiver's, which is a wonderful scrapbooking and stamping store in Montrose. Keep in mind the more pages you stamp, the longer each pad takes to make.

You can add a little more character to your stamp pad by adding crystal embellishments like the flower pictured or even adding a 3-D pop to your design.

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