Monday, August 24, 2009

Embellished Notepads

I thought today would be a great time to talk about embellishing notepads. Really the process is quite simple to create a unique look for a great gift or favor. I prefer to use white note pads for the simple reason that any color looks lovely on white. This particular pad had opera pink, black, and lilac used as the ink colors for the front page.

The example photo is one I created for a challenge for a stamping club that I have recently started participating in. The goal was to create a unique stamped pad that could still be used for writing notes.

Each page was individually handstamped with a variety of stamps I have from a clear stamp collection by Fancy Pants. I generally find these stamps at Archiver's, which is a wonderful scrapbooking and stamping store in Montrose. Keep in mind the more pages you stamp, the longer each pad takes to make.

You can add a little more character to your stamp pad by adding crystal embellishments like the flower pictured or even adding a 3-D pop to your design.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tangerine Blazes

With Halloween getting closer, I've been thinking about fun ideas for cards and our carved pumpkins this year. Last year we had an enjoyable time carving pumpkins. DH maintains that his looked like a 5 year old carved it. I tried to tell him that it just takes time and patience to get them to turn out wonderfully. Even then the pumpkin may have a mind of its own and not cooperate.
I experimented with leaving some of the pumpking flesh intact, but still having the light shine through. The process was very time consuming, but I think the end result of the K was worth the time and cramps in my hand.
Feel free to share you favorite pumpkin memories!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Spaz and the Bitty (aka Aurora)

Following the recent discussion of who had another cat named Spaz in the Cleveland team forum on Etsy, I have decided that it would be fitting to post a picture of our two little angels. Although, given time alone such as going on a two week vacation, perhaps devils would be the better word.

Granted it has taken me about 30 minutes to find the "perfect" photos of our babies. Little Miss is the black kitty more often called Bitty. Spaz is the "Friskies" cat, at least he reminds me of the Friskies cat. He was named by DH as a small kitten when he almost died. He had a horrible middle ear infection and couldn't do anything but turn in circles. We acquired Bitty when DH was released from the hospital and was rather down. He needed a companion and she was the perfect fit.

If you were to come visit, Spaz would make you think that no one ever pets him and Bitty is certainly a daddy's girl. Sometimes she won't even come out for me, so don't be offended.

A Framework of Beauty

These particular photos are from my mother's garden. I loved how beautiful the colors were in the flower and how it contrasted with the cyan sky. Isn't it amazing to see the beauty in the world around?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Inaugural Scrawl

I think I've debated for a few hours now; what exactly one writes on their first ever blog post. I mean, I tried to do something like this in college, but it really ended up to be a nonsensical babbling about boyfriends. Who really wants to go back and read about old boyfriends? Certainly, not I.

Moving promptly along, this blog is meant to be a creative outlet, a musing if you will, of ideas and photos of things I find inspirational. It will also highlight some of the work I have done with papergoods, more succintly handmade stationery.

It may at points bounce around like a rabbit or kangaroo, but alas that is how my mind seems to wander. Just ask my DH, sometimes I think he truly doesn't understand where I come up with the endings to many questions.
Side note: I did make the necklace, it was destroyed on the drive from Washington to Ohio. It currently needs to be restrung.