Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Inaugural Scrawl

I think I've debated for a few hours now; what exactly one writes on their first ever blog post. I mean, I tried to do something like this in college, but it really ended up to be a nonsensical babbling about boyfriends. Who really wants to go back and read about old boyfriends? Certainly, not I.

Moving promptly along, this blog is meant to be a creative outlet, a musing if you will, of ideas and photos of things I find inspirational. It will also highlight some of the work I have done with papergoods, more succintly handmade stationery.

It may at points bounce around like a rabbit or kangaroo, but alas that is how my mind seems to wander. Just ask my DH, sometimes I think he truly doesn't understand where I come up with the endings to many questions.
Side note: I did make the necklace, it was destroyed on the drive from Washington to Ohio. It currently needs to be restrung.


  1. Great Start! Keep it up...I need to keep up with mine, but my fingers freeze up with "blog stage fright"!

  2. Why thank you...I think it took me forever to figure out what to say in this post. Best of luck with yours as well! :)